Stronger Together, Safer Together: AirAsia Philippines celebrates Safety Day


AirAsia launched its internal campaign “Stronger Together, Safer Together” to encourage its employees, guests, and other stakeholders to never be complacent about practicing the culture of safety despite the return to normalcy.

AirAsia attributes its resilience amid the pandemic to its adherence to the highest standard of safety espoused across all departments in the organization, all the way to its customer touchpoints. Its consistent commitment to providing guests with the latest travel information as well as the observance of safety protocols on ground and in flight has never waned for the last 2 years while navigating the challenges brought by the global health crisis.

Ricky Isla, CEO of AirAsia Philippines, stated, “Our priority for our guests is safety across all touchpoints. Since we were able to navigate and maintain a high degree of safety thanks to the pandemic, it helped boost the trust of our frequent travelers. We commit to taking every safety precaution in addition to providing affordable and dependable flights because we value both safety and human lives.

To further its advocacy, the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline launched a corporate-wide safety week across its airline operations centers. Allstars enjoyed the walkthrough of different booths installed by participating departments to remind everyone of the value of safety, which is not only limited to the pandemic but also in times of calamities and natural disasters brought by typhoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

Isla said that in aircraft related safety, bird strikes remain one of the threats that affect day-to-day operations. To date, the airline has recorded 101 incidents of bird strikes since January 2022, almost 50% higher than the recorded incidents in 2021. Damage to aircraft ranges from mild to moderate, which sometimes results in the grounding of the aircraft.

“This is a growing concern among airlines. Collaborative efforts in partnership with regulatory bodies and industry partners have been ongoing to address this concern. The flight operations, corporate safety, engineering, and quality assurance departments of AirAsia work hand-in-hand to make sure our aircraft go through thorough checks when these incidents happen. Our guests may experience flight disruptions because of this, but AirAsia will never compromise safety, “he added.

AirAsia, recently recognized as among 2022’s top 10 safest airlines in the world by with 7/7 Safety and COVID-19 star ratings, has also assured its guests of the highest standards in safety compliance on all of its flights.


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