U.S. provides medical training and equipment to PCG in Palawan

Members of the PCG receive dive equipment donated by the U.S. Embassy Civil Affairs Team during a turnover ceremony aboard the BRP Teresa Magbanua on November 5.  

The U.S. Embassy Civil Affairs Team (CAT) recently donated medical and dive equipment and conducted training for the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) to support search and rescue and maritime law enforcement operations in Palawan.

The donation of 12 sets of dive equipment and emergency medical supplies was turned over to the PCG aboard the MRRV-9701 Teresa Magbanua—the largest vessel in the PCG fleet—on November 5.

“The U.S. Embassy CAT is honored to continue its work with the PCG in Palawan to ensure that all crew members are prepared to respond to various maritime situation,” U.S. Embassy CAT Leader Capt. Stephen Coleman said at the turnover ceremony.

The equipment turnover marked the culmination of a five-day medical training led by the U.S. Embassy CAT to enhance the PCG’s trauma care and lifesaving capabilities during maritime security operations. The training was based on U.S. military guidelines for trauma life support in prehospital combat medicine.

“This medical first responder training is useful to our personnel here in the PCG district in Palawan. This is especially important for the members of the Special Operations Group who are the first responders during emergencies, including humanitarian response and disaster relief operations,” PCG District Palawan commander Commodore Rommel Supangan said in Filipino.

“This training gives them more knowledge to enable them to fulfill their missions,” he said.

U.S. Embassy CATs are a part of U.S. efforts to build shared capabilities with partner nations around the world. In the Philippines, they have collaborated with local government units, provincial disaster risk reduction and management offices, and the PCG on several initiatives, including disaster preparedness, medical first responder training, and support to local COVID-19 response.


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