PAL prepared for  peak holiday season


The Philippine Airlines (PAL)  is  prepare to welcome visitors and returning Filipinos to the Philippines for the holiday season.

In its advisory, all arriving passengers are required to register to the e-Travel Registration page 72 hours before flight. The old e-Arrival CARD Registration page ( will still be accessible and accepted for a limited transition period.

For travelers that require COVID-19 tests and quarantine, payment of the applicable fees shall be shouldered by the traveler; OFWs should coordinate with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (for land-based OFWs) and MARINA or the local manning agency (for sea-based OFWs) to cover the cost of their COVID-19 tests or quarantine facility should they be required.

For all international travelers: Please check the most updated travel regulations in the government website of your destination country, as well as your country of departure. These governmental regulations may change frequently and may have an impact on the status of your flight or your acceptance for boarding. Visit our Covid-19 Travel Guide for more information.

Passengers who will take the COVID tests with one of our PAL testing partners must accomplish the PAL Laboratory Partner e-CIF form for international flights as early as 5 days before their flight departure.


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